Car Services in Bendigo


Passenger Fleets: we make the purchasing of tyres for your fleet easy by having fleet arrangements with all the major lease companies in Australia.

Commercial Fleets: Coupled with our local subsidiary Bandag for retreads, Greater City Tyre and Auto gives you a superior tyre and casing with the highest quality retread. This combination delivers longer tyre life and the lowest cost per kilometre.

24 Hour Emergency Tyre Assistance (ETA): Our customers can ensure that their fleet is on the road 24x7 with our comprehensive after hours service. Please note that our roadside assistance is for commercial account and national fleet customers, and is for the breakdown and replacement of truck tyres only.

65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report

Greater City Tyre and Auto will happily provide a written 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report whenever a service is carried out. This report is designed to identify issues on your vehicle that could become a major safety problem before it impacts on you and your family.

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Air Conditioning Service

Get your car ready for Summer with Air Conditioning, Regassing and General Repairs in Greater City Tyre and Auto! Summer in Bendigo can be a scorcher! EPA Approved Procedure Includes Mist Service and Oil Flush Service: Oil Flush stops the system from running dry and avoids costly repairs and during the Mist Service we will clean out air ducts, killing harmful bacteria which can cause harm to your family.

Prepare to keep your family cool and book an Air Conditioning Service

Automatic Transmission Service

Includes Fluid Change & Filter

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Brake and Clutch

All makes and models of brakes and clutches catered for in our fully equipped workshop

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Brake Drum Service

Includes Machining of Drums & Shoe Replacement

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Brake System Flush

Includes System Check

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Cooling System Service

Includes Flush & Cooling System Inhibitor

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Diesel Repairs

We offer general service and repairs for all diesel engines (upon consultation)

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Disk Brake Service

Includes Machining and Disc Pad Replacement

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Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Service

Latest model scan tools allow Greater City Tyre and Auto to service the latest model vehicles

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Engine Diagnostic Check

Uses specialised scan tool where required

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Standard Services

Minor Service and Vehicle Inspection Report
Major Service and
Vehicle Inspection Report
Log Book Service

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Tow to Workshop Service

If your vehicle has broken down we can arrange for the towing to either of our workshops in Long Gully or Golden Square. If you are a member of the RACV, you can elect to get your vehicle towed to either of these sites as well.

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Tune Up

Includes injector clean as required and 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report

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We fit a wide range of tyres for all makes and models - see our tyre and wheel range.

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Wheel Alignment

Our premium alignment system HawkEye DSP600 – the only one in Bendigo! – is a high-definition digital imaging alignment equipment that employs patented technology offering multiple benefits of precision, high-speed alignment and greater productivity. Includes Suspension test report.

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Wheel Balancing

We use the latest technology to balance your wheels, quickly and efficiently with wheel balancing programs for all cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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Payment Facilities

We offer the following payment facilities: Visa / MasterCard / AMEX / Motopass / Motorcharge / Fleet Card / EFTPOS / Cash. Cheques not accepted unless by prior arrangement with management.

Credit Facilities

We understand that sometimes the need for major repairs and new tyres can come unexpectedly, and we are happy to help with the support of GE Money and Skye to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If you would like to finance your purchase or car service with GE Money or Skye, simply contact us to arrange an application. We will handle all of the paperwork on your behalf. The minimum purchase is $500; conditions apply. For information regarding this service, please visit GE Capital and Skye.

Specialist Car Services