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Inflate Your Tyres Properly

When checking for correct tyre inflation refer to tyre placard (usually under bonnet, inside drivers door or glove box). The tyre placard informs about correct size, speed rating and load capacity of the tyres that should be fitted to your car.

If your tyres are over inflated, your driving may be impaired:

  • Reduce the road shock absorbtion ability of tyre resulting in a harsher ride
  • Cause excessive wear of the centre of the tyre.

Under inflation of tyres can unnecessary complicate your ride:

  • Cause excessive tyre flexing and internal heat, causing irregular and rapid tread wear
  • Create more rolling resistance which causes your engine to use more fuel

Rotate Your Tyres Regularly

A front-wheel drive car will wear its tyres very differently from a rear-wheel drive. Because of the lack of weight over the rear wheels, wagons and utilities also wear at varying rates. Each vehicle has it's own tyre wear rate.

Rotate your tyres at regular intervals to ensure longer life span of your tyres. Swapping rear tyres to the front and vice-versa ensures tyres wearing evenly and lasting significantly longer. Rotate your tyres every five to eight-thousand kilometres, even if you see no sign of uneven wear.

Tyre and Wheel Brands

Greater City Tyres Bendigo offers a wide range of Australia's most popular tyres and wheels to suit every budget. Visit our car service in Bendigo to obtain tyres of these brands: Firestone, Bridgestone, SuperCat, Continental, Kumho, Pirelli, Toyo, Michelin, GT Radial, Kenda, Bandag

Whatever your driving needs are, Greater City Tyre & Auto can help make your drive a pleasure. Our wheel range includes: ROH, CSA, Speedy Wheels, Advanti, xWheel, PDW, Vendetta, Koya

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